Introducing PremiumFree – Why pay? Just watch!

Introducing PremiumFree, a free-to-air satellite television bouquet, launching in Sub- Saharan Africa on May 1, 2021, including South Africa.  The offering will kick off with 18 channels ranging from sport, movies, telenovelas and drama series to kids’ content, gospel, comedy and reality programming.

PremiumFree channels can be accessed through free to air decoders via satellite.  The channels are supplied by AfricaXP, the leading independent creator of both African and international themed TV channels customised for Africa.

Already popular across West Africa, PremiumFree is rapidly  being recognised  Africa’s leading  free multichannel TV service, bringing millions of African households the best free TV bouquet in their  market  via satellite. By bringing so many pay TV quality channels across themes suitable for the whole family PremiumFree is a revolution in the TV market with its bold new message: Why pay? Just watch!

“We are extremely excited to be launching PremiumFree on additional satellites in the African market as this guarantees easy access for every home in Sub-Saharan Africa  Dishes originally set up to receive Openview or DSTV in SADC countries can be connected to cheap free to air decoder to receive our channels – so it’s cheap and easy for viewers to receive our free channels in these tough economic times,” says Craig Kelly, AfricaXP CEO. “We think that the quality and variety of channels on offer is more compelling than entry level Pay TV bouquets. There really is something for everyone, in the line up – and at a price point of zero, it really is an offering that is hard to beat!”

Viewers can enjoy premium African entertainment channels such as True African, Afriwood Blockbuster and Africawood Series as well as Romanza – telenovelas, Limelight – Hollywood movies, Fresh – Lifestyle & reality, Kiddiwinks – Kids, Sports Connect – Sports Action, Magazine and News, LOL Africa – Comedy, Fight Night – Martial Arts & Boxing, Diva – Entertainment news,Fashion and Gossip, Mindset – Education.

From 1 May 2021, PremiumFree will now also be available on Intelsat IS20, joining the existing distribution on Eutelsat 7B and 16A. This Bouquet is broadcast unencrypted and “Free to Air” – NO PAYMENT REQUIRED. “Viewers need to speak to any friendly satellite dish installer, check satellite and decoder  tune in details on the PremeiumFree website  and tune in a free to air decoder to start watching. It’s that simple” adds Kelly.

Your Questions Answered

  • How do I receive PremiumFree

You need a satellite dish and you need a generic “free to air” decoder.

  • Where must my satellite dish be pointing?

Towards IS20 at 68.5 degrees East. If you can pick up Open View or DSTV in Southern Africa, then your dish is pointing in the right direction.

  • What kind of decoder do I need to receive PremiumFree?

Any generic or universal Free to Air decoder (Mpeg4 DVB – S2-).

  • What is a “Free to Air” decoder?

Most “service specific decoders” like those for DSTV and Openview decoders to not tune into the hundreds for free channels available on satellites, but Free to Air decoders tune into any channels on a satellite like a radio tunes into the any station. Almost any non-service specific decoder that is new and available for sale now is likely to work – it does NOT need a smart card slot or any encryption system imbedded.

  • What are the tuning in details?

IS20 at 68.5 degrees East

  • Frequency: 12722
  • Polarisation: Horizontal
  • Symbol Rate: 30000
  • Modulation: DVB-S
  • FEC : 1/2

  • Can I choose my own channels on PremiumFree or is it all inclusive?

The PremiumFree bouquet of channels are free today and always. Watch the ones you like anytime, day or night.

  • Are there any PremiumFree channels that require extra pay?

No – all the channels in the PremiumFree bouquet are free today and always will be.

  • If I have a DSTV or Openview installation, can I receive the PremiumFree bouquet through these decoders?

The operators of these services sell decoders that only tune into their own channels .

  • I need more help

Contact an installer, they will be able to help.

  • Need more info?

Visit the website: